Party Room Policy

Need a space for your next meeting or get together?
We are happy to reserve an area of the restaurant for your group. Each location has their own designated areas where parties can be hosted or meetings can be held.

Each location’s spaces have a minimum/maximum capacity. Each La Chatelaine properties also has their own rules & timeframes when the space can be reserved. Please contact each individual store’s Manager for more information.

We want to remind all guests that no outside food or drinks are permitted in La Chatelaine and will be asked to remove any outside food immediately. We also ask that patrons of any meetings, events or parties held at La Chatelaine must purchase food and beverages. We are a private restaurant & business. Our space is not a public area. Please be mindful of this as you plan your get together at La Chatelaine. We have the discretion to remove and refuse service to anyone.

Thank you for your understanding. We look forward to helping you with your future celebrations and events.